The MANSORY Customization Programme

for Mercedes-Benz SLS

During the development, MANSORY paid special attention to the individual design of the chassis components, making no compromises when it comes to aerodynamic efficiency and significant weight optimization. In order to reduce inert masses, MANSORY uses ultra-light and high-strength carbon to manufacture its chassis components.

As usual, MANSORY turns the interior into a highly functional control center with quality and innovative design that is second to none. Only the finest materials find their way into the car’s interior, ensuring the greatest sense of comfort. Master craftsmen apply their skills using leather that is hard-wearing, yet exceptionally soft. The characteristic, natural product with its special grain and the perfect decorative stitching by the hands of a true professional convey a stylish elegance all around the newly designed airbag steering wheel. The aluminum pedal system and the real carbon applications complete the luxurious overall impression of the MANSORY Gullwing.

The wheel houses of the MANSORY SLS are filled with exclusively forged wheels. The 9.5×20 inch wheels with 275/30 tyres at the front and 11.5×21 inch wheels with 295/25 tyres at the rear axle are provided by Michelin, MANSORY’s partner. Thanks to a new suspension and shock absorbers, two-seater’s center of gravity is 20?mm lower than the basic model and therefore emphasizes the exclusive rims even more.

Core of the engine modification is the installation of the high-performance compressor units. A sports air filter and a stainless steel sports exhaust system are also utilized. These components are precisely adjusted to one another with the help of a new characteristics map for the engine’s electronic system. Reaching a top performance of 732 HP/539 kW at 6500 RPM and a maximum torque of 825 Nm at 5600 RPM, the MANSORY engine meets exactly what its ambitious motor sports clientele is looking for.

Download the PDF brochure if you are interested in more details about the costumisation programme of this car.