The MANSORY Customization Programme

for Porsche Macan

Chassis components made of ultra-light carbon, luxurious interior designs as well as powerful increase of engine performance, these are the core competences of the premium manufacturer MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH. And MANSORY proves this again in an impressive way by providing an individualised programme for the Porsche Macan. An exclusive selection of XXL light alloy wheels and numerous function- and design-gadgets complete the refinement options.

No other company in the market is as closely linked to the use of the material carbon fibre as MANSORY. The ultra-light and high-strength carbon fibre is made and processed in an in-house autoclave. This makes MANSORY independent of suppliers and ensures absolute freedom with respect to availability, fit and the design of components.

To bring this immensely powerful performance on the road, MANSORY offers a wide range of wheel designs and sizes ranging from 21 to 22 inches. For the optimum compromise between ride comfort and appearance, MANSORY recommends the wheel „SPIDER“ in 22 inch. The mono-block cast wheel comes equipped with Vredestein tyres size 265/35/R22 in front and 295/30/R22 on the rear wheel, guaranteeing a great grip to the road. MANSORY have lowered the car’s centre of gravity by a good 40 mm with a modified air suspension module, which makes wheels sit even more squarely in the wheel arches.

To support the mighty visual appearance, MANSORY have given the standard Porsche Macan Diesel S and Macan Turbo engines serious extra power: With about 464 HP/341 kW at 6.000 RPM and a massive torque of 650 Nm at 1.300 – 4.500 RPM, the turbo unit by MANSORY, which is spurred by a power box, clearly surpasses the baseline values (Series: 400 HP/294 kW and 550 Nm at 1.350 – 4.500 RPM). The car’s driving performance also benefits from these modifications. The enhanced power accelerates the Macan Turbo from a standing start to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and reaches its top speed at 274 km/h.

Download the PDF brochure if you are interested in more details about the costumisation programme of this car.