The MANSORY Customization Programme

for Porsche Panamera

For its extensive bodywork modifications MANSORY relies on state-of-the-art production processes and uses both the ultralight and high-strength carbon material, as well as resistant polyurethane RIM. Thus the carbon engine bonnet will be hardened for example under strong pressure as well as high temperatures in the autoclave.

In the interior, MANSORY has created a command and control centre which perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The sports steering wheel with carbon inlay, designed specifically for the Porsche Panamera, as well as the aluminum pedals, guarantee full control of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior oozes pure luxury. Almost all the interior components are upholstered by master craftsmen in leather and the refined MANSORY carbon material, and can be combined with a fine wood finish on request. Precisely stitched logos and illuminated door sills perfect the refinement.

Fully forged 22 inch spiders web design monoblock in 9,5 x 22 with 263/30/22 tyres on the front and 11 x 22 with 305/25/22 tyres on the rear axle fit perfectly under the widened wings. The forged construction makes the MANSORY rims exceptionally light and the reduced, unsprung masses improve the Panamera’s handling, acceleration, and braking behavior. Further exclusive rim designs from 21 inches up to 22 inches complete the wheel program.

In addition to the sensational look the MANSORY engine department developed a powerful performance increase for the 4.8 litre Panamera Turbo engine. The Power packet consists of modified turbochargers, a supplementary control unit as well as a set of cables. Thanks to these modifications the engine output rises to an impressive 500 kW / 680 hp (series: 382 kW / 520 hp) and pushes the torque to 900 Nm at 2.000 – 4.500 rpm. Therefore the all-wheel drive car accelerates in just 3,6 seconds to 100 km/h and reaches a top speed of 315 km/h (series: 310 km/h).

Download the PDF brochure if you are interested in more details about the costumisation programme of this car.